My name is Anastasia. I am an artist and I live and work in Saint Petersburg. My art, I have dedicated to the subject of ballet. Ballet and the world of theatre behind the curtains for me is full of magic, lightness and grace. All of these I am trying to convey through my work. You can see among my works fictional stories as well as scenes from different plays of various theatres.

Three series of paintings of the ballet theme have been formed during the last few years: “Flowers and Ballet” series has fictional plots, associating with floral motives; “Christmas Snow Flakes Nutcracker” is a winter series inspired by different theatre versions of Nutcracker; “Ballet and Saint Petersburg” is a series of works merging together an image of a ballet dancer and Saint Petersburg.

In my ideas I feel the closest to the words of a great ballerina Anna Pavlova:

Let us dance more and strive to a acquire more beauty in dance as well as in life. A true artist, either while dancing or doing something else – always aspires for beauty. So let us be a world of true artists, same as we are becoming a world of dancers, since by replacing ugliness with beauty, in visible images, as well as in intangible areas, we are slowly approaching happiness and perfection… Anna Pavlova

If you would like to peek into my process of painting creation, to see what materials I use, or to find out about the creation history of your favourite painting, please, visit my blog. Hope you enjoy your visit!